NiQW is a producer/dj raised on the (not so) mean streets of the Helsinki suburbs. His producing skills has been approved by talents such as: Bot, Dj Orion, Astronomar, Rony Rex, Pig & Dan and Jelo. The range of genres in his musical repertuar is stupidly large because he don't want anything blocking his view on the possibilities of sound and amazing music. NiQW's style of presenting music in live situations is a perfect blend of harmonic and rhythmic aknoweledgement between tracks. There is always twists and turns that keeps the flow fresh on every dj set he performs.

Some of the achievements on his career are the first place on Indaba's "IndabaSync House Contest", the second place on Main Course's "Bot - Monky Man remix contest", fifth place on Main Course's "Wuki - Same Damn Sound remix contest", feature on Finland's national radiostation in Dj Orion's "XmiX" series on YleX, feature on Spin FM's "Love of House" by Afecto Dj's and numerous wins on mixtape/open deck competitions.