Club Grooves London

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Since the very birth of electronic music, London's club scene has always been at the forefront attracting audiences worldwide. There are very few places on this planet that can brag about the trend-setting themes and the first-rate music supplied by world class DJ's. Bringing you a taste of London's respected club scene, 'Club Grooves London' offers 15 upfront tracks to take your mind, body and soul into the UK capital. From minimal pop to tougher techno this carefully selected compilation will compliment any DJ's box!


01. Lilli - House Of Cards (Henry Shore Remix)
02. Horstenbacher - Speaker (Original Mix)
03. Chantola - Rave Like You Don't Care (Original Mix)
04. Johny S - Fever (Original Mix)
05. Druma - AMH 89 (Original Mix)
06. Johny S - Mojito (Original Mix)
07. Druma - Love (Original Mix)
08. Ende - Bored & Old (Original Mix)
09. Jay Fish - Chloride (Original Mix)
10. Druma - My Tails Tattoo Is A Joke (Original Mix)
11. Chantola - Underground (Original Mix)
12. Jay Fish - Sodium (Original Mix)
13. Storyteller - Steengruis (Chantola Remix)
14. Kiilto - Exotica (Original Mix)
15. Andient - Flying Into The Abyss (Kiilto Remix)