Druma - Midas 22 (Album)

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Club 86 Recordings proudly presents the new and awesome electro-house album by Druma, the creator and owner of this awesone album who says: "it's alright, I guess" 10 Floor-rockin' and fun tracks are full of power, super beats and LFO-leads. Midas 22 is the first album which actually rise from the ashes of the real Felix the birdy-bird. This album will wet the girls panties and gives superb wood for the fellas. Im having one right now actually. This album is also essential for all those DJ's who like to set the crowd on fire with tracks like "Mighty Dragon Dildo", "AMH 89" and "Boobs". Have no fear, Druma is here.



01. Boobs (Original Mix)
02. Amazing Pancake Pony (Original Mix)
03. Love (Original Mix)
04. Mighty Dragon Dildo (Original Mix)
05. Pussy (Original Mix)
06. AMH 89 (Original Mix)
07. Midas 22 (Original Mix)
08. Doghouse (Original Mix)
09. My Friend The Coathanger (Original Mix)
10. My Tails Tattoo Is A Joke (Original Mix)