Storyteller - Steengruis

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'Storyteller', aka: Matthijs Breijer is one of the latest upcoming Dutch DJ/Producer's. He's been around longer than one might think. At 26 years old Matthijs' already been producing electronic music since early 1995. With an ear for music and a creative mind, Matthijs followed his dream to release his own tracks. After laying low for about a year Storyteller has returned with an absolute unique sounding track called "Steengruis". This track is filled with some tasty sounds and groovy rhythms topped off with superb sound engineering. If deep & progressive is something you are looking for, you don't want to miss out on this. The digital flipside features the label's main man and in-house artist Chantola with a deeper interpretation of the original. A slightly different approach, being more cross-over material, this remix will surely find its way into many recordbags.



01. Steengruis (Original Mix)
02. Steengruis (Chantola Remix)

Storyteller - Steengruis